Our Ethos

Ceardean is a collaborative of experienced designers and specialist consultants with a shared ethos of skilled making and design collaboration. Our approach is to work as artisans blending and focusing disciplines within a holistic design team to create good cost effective and efficient design.

We strive to understand the given environmental context and react by designing settings that enhance, protect and take advantage of natures forces. Our process creates sustainable buildings that are flexible in use and sensitive in nature.

  • Derek Trenaman, Architect 
  • Cathy Trenaman, Architect and Project Manager
  • Michael Malone, Architect and Planning Consultant
  • Fred Meagher, Architectural Technologist
  • Sarah Trenaman, Office Manager
  • Shane Kelly, Fire Consultant
  • Aurora Bosch Font, Project Architect
  • Alejandro Ordaz, Project Architect
  • Nicholas Hegarty, Project Architect


Good design saves you money, we seek to create clever  design to reorganise your home to maximise daylight, ventilation and aspect to outdoor areas. We consult and work with neighbours and planning authorities to achieve great home designs. Our process creates a home design that works for you.


We prepare detailed drawings and specifications to ensure you get a fair price for your project. Our detailed review process of tenders will find you the best contractor to make your home project. We plan projects and prepare detail contracts to ensure your home is built to the highest standard.  


We take the stress out of building; our team prepares contracts and coordinates contractors and subcontractors. Our process includes regular inspections, organising payments, and preparing a site minutes recording every aspect of the building process.