“It is not enough that we design homes that function, that are understandable and are usable, we also need to design homes that bring joy and excitement, pleasure and fun, and, yes, beauty to people’s lives.” 

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Designing With Us

Let us help you create the perfect home with regard to design, function, flow and feeling through our unique Briefing Design process. Our purpose is to show you, from a very early stage, the massive potential a home can hold regardless of size, shape or location. And won't overcharge you for it. This is where we get to be creative & have fun, and you get to see your home in a completely different light before you embark on the perilous journey. It's a Win Win.

Hear from some of our delighted clients here!

Read more about the Briefing Design process here!

Our Home Design Guide

We have created a quick guide for anyone looking for ideas or to understand how an architect approaches the design process and the most important aspects to be considered. Download it below and feel free to speak with us about any ideas you have or questions you

Download the free Home Design guide here!


Our Clients

Listen to some kind words from our clients about how we worked with them to achieve their dream living space.

The Process

Watch a quick walk-through of the entire process, from our initial Briefing Design approach to the amazing finished product. 

The Briefing Design Process

A Conceptual design package to capture early ideas of how amazing  your home could eventually look and feel.

Committing to professional consultants upfront is a stressful decision especially when their fees are usually based upon the size of a project which is difficult to establish at the start. We have found that clever independent design advice at early stages of your project can often both reduce the size of the build, through making best use of space, and save you money. The Briefing Design process we offer typically includes:

  • A Home Consultation Briefing Meeting
  • Outline Survey of your home
  • Analysis Drawing of the current issues you face in your home
  • Three Layout Design Options
  • Environmental Design Concepts
  • Outline Elevation Studies
  • Budget Cost analysis & Build Programme

We price this at a competitive €750 + VAT. 

Also, should we be engaged as architects for the project itself, this cost is deducted from the total fee. Typically architects fees can be up to 10% of the contract sum but depends of the scope, size and complexity of the project. This will be clearly defined in advance of an agreement. Lots of detailed information here on the RIAI website, with whom we are registered.

RIAI Website 'Working With An Architect'

If you feel any unanswered questions exist regarding our approach or want to chat options or ideas with one of our architects don't hesitate to contact Sarah at 01-5324183, we'd be delighted to help.