Thought for a Bleak Friday.


Three years ago to the month we led the team responsible for the realisation of one of the first liveable container homes made available as emergency accommodation to St. Vincent De Paul.

It has now paid for itself. The idea, that there are quick clever alternatives available to slow housing projects, was publicised well but not acted upon by our Government.

Today, on what we have labelled ‘Bleak Friday’, we have drafted a quick 5-point plan for those in power to consider when approaching this pitiful state of affairs.

Stage 1 – Problem

Despite a growing economy, and an unemployment rate of just 6.3%, there is a continually rising number of people with no fixed address in Ireland. Today numbers are in the region of 5,300 adults and 3,200 children and expected to ‘get worse before it gets better’ (Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy, Nov 2017)

Stage 2 – Objective
Organise swift innovative solutions to deal with this problem providing safe and comfortable shelter affording those mentioned above a basic human right, a right that most of us enjoy.

Stage 3 – Strategy
Accept that you are not dealing with the problem effectively and
seek the assistance of the country’s most creative, motivated and passionate people to provide innovative solutions to solve this with you.

Stage 4 – Action
Do what the people selected in stage 3 say. Do not stand in their way and if necessary make crucial contingent modifications to our regulatory network.

Stage 5 – Learn
Once process is complete consider our next social priority and repeat stages 1 to 5.