We believe that the ‘Brand’ has fast become the lifeblood of any organisation commercial or not, and must, therefore, be integrated, protected and championed inside and outside your space, throughout the design and beyond.

How Ceardean Add Value

It is a natural assumption that what we, architects, do is all about the building and it’s mostly true because what is often forgotten when it comes to a commercial endeavour, is that a building is merely a tool to assist in achieving business objectives. This fact should not be ignored at any point throughout the design process. Because if designers do not align their approach with their client’s business goals they are not understanding what it is that the client is trying to achieve.

As a young firm who formed during this new age of enterprise, Ceardean Architects are fully aware of the challenges that face businesses today. How business is done has changed fundamentally in recent times and those who are not customer-centric will suffer eventually.

People do business with people, not companies, so the motivations, the values and personal stories must be clear and up-front from the beginning to achieve the trust and subsequent loyalty that businesses need to exist long into the future. With this in mind, we learn about you, your brand,  your industry and your objectives and become fully invested in your project ensuring it achieves your business goals on time and on cost

Browse our past projects throughout our website, get a feel for what we do, and don’t hesitate to contact the office where Derek or Michael, our chief architects, will be very happy to speak with you about any ideas you may have.

Services offered include:

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