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Good Architects and Designers Can Create Spaces That Respond To Changing Needs. Great Architects Respond To Changing Environments.


Our Designs Are Therefore Flexible, Intended For The Long Run, For What Might Lie Ahead. We Switched To Being A Remote Working Office Some Years Ago. That Suited Our Work Environment And We Have Learned A lot From This. Yes, We Have An  Office, But If We Didn't We Would Survive. But We Know We Have Been Lucky.

We Are Here To Help You Make The Change. To Not Only Meet the Requirements But Excel In The Post-COVID-19 'New Normal'



Don't Be That Employer Who Manages COVID-19 Well But Brings About New Risks To Employees, Increased Risk to Fire For Example.

Unfortunately, These Are New Rules On Top Of Everything Else.


So, Speak With Derek Or Michael @ Ceardean Architects.

Or Any Design Professional For That Matter. Just Don't Make A Design Blunder And Get Left Behind During (What Could Be) A Major Turning Point In Business.


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Workplace Layout

Get Your Office, Retail Store, Cafe, Warehouse, Restaurant, Gym Or Whatever Your Space, Up And Running, Safe For Employees And Customers, Quickly And Inline With HSA Guidelines. 

There are onerous requirements here that employers face, both to ensure the safety of their employees, customers, suppliers, and visitors, but also to make sure that all existing Safety Regulations are met. Speak with the workspace and building professionals to get this done effectively, get it done soon, and at a manageable cost.

Also, Benefit from our wide network of fit-out builders, Mech and Elec Designers, and Installers. The Ceardean Team is your typical 'one-stop-shop' to borrow an expression.


Speak With A Ceardean Commercial Architect Now To Get This Design Problem Solved, And Just Get On With Doing What You Do Best. 




All of our design work and advice will be specific and strict to the combined Government Return to Work Safely Protocol.

There will be various ways to navigate this unprecedented situation safely, and every business location will be that bit different. Some things will be possible and some things won't. But don't let fear restrict your thinking. This is a time for creativity. Creative thinking has the power to turn crisis into opportunity. This is a time when some firms can or will excel, and sadly some will not. Seek the advice of professional designers and problem solvers and let the post lockdown return to work be a ground-breaking change in business performance.


The Return to Work Safely Protocol, is the result of a collaborative effort by the Health and Safety Authority (HSA), the Health Services Executive (HSE) and the Department of Health and the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation.

Full Details here:


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