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Working together, we'll create the perfect home for you.

We find that every single client we work with come to us with very different ideas of what they want, and even more different opinions on style, features and finishes. So only through combined thinking in the early stages can we eventually create an amazing living space that feels just right for you.

Our Briefing Design process exists for this reason. To learn about you and your needs, explore amazing design ideas always getting arriving the very best option.

We illustrate through our sketches the massive potential of any home regardless of size, shape or location. And won't overcharge you for it. This is where we get to be creative have some fun, and you get to see your home in a completely different light before you embark on the construction journey.

Our Home Design Guide

We put together a short & easy-to-understand guide for anyone looking for basic design ideas, and to understand how an architect might approach designing your home. These are just some of the more important basics but will get you thinking.

Feel free to discuss any ideas in more detail or any questions you have at any time!

Download the free Home Design guide here!


Our Clients

Listen to some kind words from our clients about how we worked with them to achieve their dream living space.

The Architectural Process

Watch a quick walk-through video of the entire process, from our initial Briefing Design approach to the amazing finished product.

The Briefing Design

A conceptual design package to capture early ideas of how amazing your home could eventually work, look and feel.

(Take Note: This Package is directed at upgrading (renovating and/or extending) existing homes)

Committing to professional consultants upfront is a stressful decision especially when their fees are usually based upon the size of a project. Which can be difficult to establish at the start.

We've found that clever independent design advice early in your project can often both reduce the size of the build, through making the best use of space and save you money in many other areas.

ceardean architect drawing

The Briefing Design process we offer typically includes:

✓ A Home or Zoom Consultation Briefing Meeting

✓ Outline Survey of your home

✓ Analysis Drawing of the current issues you face in your home

✓ 3 Layout Design Options (At a minimum, sometimes more are necessary)

✓ Environmental Design Concept

✓ Outline Elevation Studies

✓ Ongoing Design and Planning Advice

We Price the Briefing Design pack at a Very Competitive €750 + VAT

This offer is on the basis that we are engaged for the full completion of the works. Typically such a design package will cost in excess of €1500!

And It Gets A Little Better.

Should we be engaged as architects for the full project itself,

the €750 & vat Briefing Design cost will be deducted from the total fee.

Typically architects fees are at most 10% of the contract sum

(the total cost of construction) but can depend upon the Size or Complexity of the project.

All fees will be clearly defined in advance of any agreement.

We offer some of the clearest and transparent fee arrangments around and leave no question of what this will cost, and when fees should be paid

There's a lot of helpful information on the RIAI website (we're registered with this lot - if your Architect isn't you need to think carefully). Lots of Info on costs, things to think about, and the industry in general:

RIAI Website 'Working With An Architect'

Let's Start Talking About Your Exciting Project


If you have unanswered questions about any of this, want to chat ideas with one of our architects, don't hesitate to contact Sarah at 01-5324183, we'd be delighted to help.


Send A Message via the form here. During work hours Sarah will call within a few minutes and gather some details. Then one of our architects, Derek, Michael or Nick, will take it from there.


Spring 2024: Please note, unfortunately we are mainly considering projects with a budget of approx. 200k or more at the moment as we are exceptionally busy (This applies to full project architectural services. For any queries on our process or other services please get in touch above)

Browse Some Of Our Projects Here

Using A Quantity Surveyor

Getting A Grip On Costs

We strongly recommend you engage a Quantity Surveyor at this point for even smaller domestic projects. Our experience tells us that construction costs in Ireland are still volatile and tender prices can vary a lot. We will give very approximate high-level cost indications, but cannot commit to detailed budgets for those reasons. Our priority is to assist getting you value for money throughout the course of the project and to ensure this we recommend you engage the relevant professionals, which is a quantity surveyor when it comes to cost.

A Quantity Surveyor at an early stage will give you good independent advice on the anticipated costing of the project and establish a realistic budget.

As part of our Briefing Design process, Murray Gillespie Quantity Surveyors have assisted some of our clients by preparing the following information.

- A Preliminary Budget (Builders Take Off Measurement Cost analysis) of the preferred or finalised sketch project as prepared Ceardean Architects. They will also provide comparative commentary or another option.

- Follow up consultation with you on phone to discuss any element as required

The separate fee for the Murray Gillespie Quantity Surveyors to prepare the cost analysis service is €650+ VAT. (This sum will also be refunded as part of an overall fee agreement if you proceed to a full quantity surveyor service.)

Find out more about these professionals here


Ireland has seen a significant increase in building costs across the board in the past few years, with domestic work, new homes & extensions, being no exception.

The RIAI released a very helpful document in 2019 which gives lots of information on the typical costs involved and some other items to be considered that may not be on the client's mind or typically excluded from total builder costs. If you are receiving quotes yourself directly for work do not be fooled by low prices, we have found time and time again that lower than average prices are either miscalculated or missing certain important items. And these always come out in the wash, so to speak.

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