Domestic Architectural Services

For Domestic and Commercial Architectural projects we can provide a full architectural service for the inception of the project through to the completion of the project.

We follow the RIAI stages of work and administer the relevant RIAI Contract between Client and Contractor.


We can also provide ‘partial’ services on a per Work Stage basis:

  • Work Stage 1:    Sketch Design

  • Work Stage 2:    Detailed Design & 3D Modelling; including Planning

  • Work Stage 3:    Construction & Tender Information

  • Work Stage 4:    On-site inspection and Certification.

To explain the drawings provided at each of these stages please view the attached presentation.

It is preferable in your own interests to have independent professional advice and employ an architect throughout your project.

We are happy to provide assistance & advice at any stage of the project.

The costs will vary with the level of service requested.

Helpful Downloads

Client - Architect Agreement - For Domestic/Residential Work

Client - Architect Agreement - For Commercial Work

Client Architect Agreement - For Assigned Certifier (Building Control Amendment Regulations BCAR 2014)


If you have any questions regarding the planning & construction process or simply want to chat options or ideas with one of our architects, don't hesitate to contact Sarah at 01-5324183.

You can also send us a quick message through the form here.


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