Contemporary Living in Dublin 12 by Ceardean Architects

Another contemporary Ceardean Architects Designed Home in Dublin 12


Delivering aesthetically appealing contemporary buildings.  Ceardean Architects work in strong collaboration with clients to achieve cost-effective and functional designs time after time.

This home in Crumlin, Dublin 12 has almost doubled the usable space available, adding a contemporary flavor to what was a standard semi-detached dwelling.  Using innovative rainwater system that efficiently hides the points where water discharges from roof level and using a beautiful cedar clad exterior to a powerful effect, the crisp clean lines of the building make the corner stand out giving it the wow factor.

The external skin of the building must have four essential characteristics, durability, resistance to moisture penetration, uniform weathering and an attractive appearance.  If you are choosing timber for the exterior of your home, then the primary considerations are quality and durability.

Hardwoods do not require treating but are considerably more expensive. Western red cedar has a life-span of up to 60 years because it contains a natural preservative, making the wood uncommonly durable in its natural state. It is also highly regarded for its insulation qualities and natural resistance to the elements.

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