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Building a Bespoke Architectural Designed Home

Building a Bespoke Architectural Designed Home You inevitably will ask, how long does it take to design a custom bespoke architecturally designed home?  On this home, Ceardean Architects were granted planning in 2016.  This is the time from the initial concept meeting, to construction.  There are many factors that can affect this greatly, but 2 […]

Contemporary Living in Dublin 12 by Ceardean Architects

Another contemporary Ceardean Architects Designed Home in Dublin 12     Delivering aesthetically appealing contemporary buildings.  Ceardean Architects work in strong collaboration with clients to achieve cost-effective and functional designs time after time. This home in Crumlin, Dublin 12 has almost doubled the usable space available, adding a contemporary flavor to what was a standard semi-detached […]

Master Planning Avon Ri Hotel Co Wicklow

Master Planning – Avon Ri Hotel, Blessington, Co. Wicklow Ceardean’s most important aspect of master planning was to provide a roadmap for future growth for Avon Ri Hotel and Complex.  Our Strategy was to change the target market, identify projects to improve the resort, design and organize the site to allow for expansion or intensification. […]


Let it Slide!

Maximise Light, Space, and Better Views Enjoy Aluminium or Composite bi-fold or sliding doors in a racolours colors and finishes with configurations from 2 to 7 pane (open in or out).  Optimise the space in your home and allow the seamless transition from outside to inside. Whether building a home or renovating, these bi-fold doors […]

Crabs Oysters Prawns Beer – Get your Klaw In!

Ceardean Optimise Small Space for Big Things @ Klaw Our good friends @ Klaw go from strength to strength. Ceardean have worked with Niall @ Klaw on two seafood restaurants now and they have flying high since. A question was ‘But Is Dublin Ready For All this Seafood’? Well Niall thought so. And clearly he […]


Positive Green Action Read some excellent news from the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment Denis Naughten issued this week. This news has most likely come because, as a nation, we are a little behind in our carbon emmisions reduction commitments. Either way, offering grants to households, and businesses, to create and use their […]

‘One Man’s Quest’ – Our Very Own Derek

Flashback here to a great 2015 article about our chief Architect Derek’s zero energy cottage in Sligo. IF RUNNING AWAY and escaping all the madness sounds like something you’d be into -read on. This holiday cottage originally built in 1820. It was renovated by Derek Trenaman of Ceardean Architects and is a lesson in getting […]