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This Tile Trick is a Game Changer for Small Bathroom Interior Design

This Tile Trick is a Game Changer for Small Bathroom Interior Design

It makes sense to think outside the box when you are decorating your bathroom.  Make the smallest room in your home the most interesting with a splash of color or a fresh new pattern.

Your choice of tile colors and styles are endless.  For smaller bathroom walls as in the Straffan home, we specified ceramic white wall tiles that are small in size. We divided the wall just over midway and added a splash of petrol blue paint.  The wash hand basin is free standing and oak hardwood floor.



Alternatively in this Glenbeigh home, why not Opt for a daring tile design or a sleek border for a subtle refresh as in this next home.  Forgo the ever-popular minimalist trend and amp up your otherwise boring bathroom with a splash of color or a fresh new pattern.

Bathroom Tiles

The Chase

This beautiful minimalist bathroom in the Chase is covered partially covered in white crisp white tiles, creating a sleek modern space that is elevated with the pop of color from wood paneling surrounding bath with Jet Black Liscannor tile.

Black and White

Wheatfield Palmerstown

The colors of this bathroom play a crucial role in creating visual value. So choose the perfect theme for your bathroom. Your theme will satisfy your mood with the right accessories and furniture. Here’s a project in Wheatfield, Palmerstown another idea of the bathroom with beige and cream colors.

Wheatfield Road

Wheatfield Road

Off Grid Living

This beautiful rustic home commands a unique bathroom, paneled in wood with bespoke bath and wash hand basin, surrounded by authentic stonework of 1930’s restored Irish Cottage.

Off Grid Living

Off Grid Living


In this home in Barberstown, the wash-hand basin and toilet are both wall-mounted.  This increases the flow of space and allows for easy cleaning of the floor. Consider a corner unit for added storage. The mirror makes the room feel larger than it is and reflects the abundance of natural light from the skylight.  The wash basin has drawers underneath adding more storage to the tiny space. The shower has a simple chrome and glass door and fits snugly into the bathroom.



Victorian Home

The #piece de resistance” is without a doubt the stunning bath, with roof-light ensuring it receives an abundance of light making it more spacious.

Black and White Bathroom

A black and white bathroom is a contemporary and classic style choice, and it’s easy to stamp your own personality onto and make it something new and unique.  Black absorbs, while white reflects, which is why the combination is a great choice creating real impact.  It also works well in a functional space, where bold angles and clean lines tend to dominate.

Add your own unique style using cubed-design floor tiles.

If you like the idea of our designs and fancy something a little different, please get in touch.


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1950's Bungalow Reconfigured
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Our Architect’s Essential Tips for Designing your Modern Dream Kitchen

Our Architect’s Essential Tips for Designing your dream kitchen

The interior design and layout of your kitchen is the real soul of your home and much more than just cooking but also family congregations, so there is a need to put it in the context of the homes’ public spaces or the adjacent spaces.  In older houses, the kitchen tends to be isolated and often small.  Today, our clients want kitchen’s that incorporate a workspace and a casual space for dining or even working.  See photos from our Straffan home.

Open Living Space

Open Living SpaceWorkspaces and Storage

Our clients want efficient workspaces and plenty of storage. In order to combine the workspace and casual “hanging out” space, an island is the standard way to do this or a breakfast table nearby.  This can be done by creating a little breakfast area in the kitchen with built up casual seating for a living room effect feel.  Alternatively creating a space to sit, reflect and look out at garden views.  These two spaces need to be fused together so they don’t look as if they are imposed on each other.

Kitchen Island

Upper cabinets, yes or no?  While upper cabinets are practical you can make the cabinet fronts solid and uniform or create a sense of openness with glass fronts.  Our client in the above kitchen went for a wall of upper cabinets with toplight being of glass.  Glass fronted cabinets create depth and make the kitchen feel more spacious. You can put in obscure (frosted or ridged) glass. One way around storage solutions is to have pull-out storage drawers.

Microwaves can be unsightly and this needs to be considered early in the planning decision.  They can be accommodated in a pull-out shelf or behind an island.  There are more attractive in-wall ovens/microwave that combines both.

If a kitchen extractor fan is in the field of vision, it has to be taken seriously, otherwise, it will be a visual distraction.

Built in seating area

Built in seating areaCountertop / Use of Natural Materials

We love the feel of the”perfect countertop”, using organic materials White Marble, the white the better giving the illusion of space and compliments the natural light coming from all sides of the room.  Choice of materials is important and we gather all samples early on and look at them together as a set. We revisit it several times over the course of the design to ensure the best fit of colors is chosen.

Functional Spaces

A key element is also having an exterior space, which is a big bonus.  It’s nice if you can add a deck and create a place to eat outside or have a barbecue.

Exterior Space

Exterior Space

The most desirable design elements in a kitchen are Natural Light.  The Pop-up Rooflights really work for ensuring an abundance of light.  There is a real benefit to a sink with a view!

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Contemporary Living Dublin 12

Contemporary Living in Dublin 12 by Ceardean Architects

Another contemporary Ceardean Architects Designed Home in Dublin 12


Delivering aesthetically appealing contemporary buildings.  Ceardean Architects work in strong collaboration with clients to achieve cost-effective and functional designs time after time.

This home in Crumlin, Dublin 12 has almost doubled the usable space available, adding a contemporary flavor to what was a standard semi-detached dwelling.  Using innovative rainwater system that efficiently hides the points where water discharges from roof level and using a beautiful cedar clad exterior to a powerful effect, the crisp clean lines of the building make the corner stand out giving it the wow factor.

The external skin of the building must have four essential characteristics, durability, resistance to moisture penetration, uniform weathering and an attractive appearance.  If you are choosing timber for the exterior of your home, then the primary considerations are quality and durability.

Hardwoods do not require treating but are considerably more expensive. Western red cedar has a life-span of up to 60 years because it contains a natural preservative, making the wood uncommonly durable in its natural state. It is also highly regarded for its insulation qualities and natural resistance to the elements.

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Short-term Property Letting

Change In Legislation On Short-Term Letting – Impact on Airbnb Property and others



The introduction by Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government of the new regulations in respect of short-term letting will mean that all existing residential units which are used for the purpose of short-term rental i.e. for 14 days or less at a time, will require the benefit of Planning permission for a change of use to short-term lettings (STL).

The political agenda is that this is an unregulated activity and is not home sharing but a commercial enterprise. In a time of low housing construction to meet demand, and in an environment of increasing onerous residential tenancy reforms, the withdrawal of rental homes from the letting market, will be deemed “unacceptable” (to use the ministers words) particularly in our cities and large towns where rents are high and supply is constrained.

We understand the changes are to regulate for the first time short-term lettings, however, they will impact all existing rentals. Homeowners will be required to register with their local authority as a ‘homesharing’ rental of their primary residence where an annual cap of 90 days will apply.

Commercial rental properties will only be allowed where the use is already permitted to be used for tourism/short-term letting purposes. Otherwise planning permission for a change of use to STL will have to be applied for. The minister’s direction, (and we presume a further circular, advising will be issued) is that in areas of high housing demand, it is unlikely that permission would be granted. It will be up to each local Planning Authority to grant permissions. It is understood that additional resources will be provided within Dublin City Council’s Planning Section to monitor the supply of short-term lettings on the relevant booking sites, oversee the compilation of registers and to monitor enforcement.

It is intended that the new planning changes will come into effect on 1 June 2019, to allow property owners to prepare for and adapt to the new laws. There would seem an opportunity to have existing properties legitimised before the introduction of the regulations.

Contact us if any further explanation of the forthcoming regulation is required.

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Blessington Lakes

Master Planning Avon Ri Hotel Co Wicklow

Master Planning – Avon Ri Hotel, Blessington, Co. Wicklow

Ceardean’s most important aspect of master planning was to provide a roadmap for future growth for Avon Ri Hotel and Complex.  Our Strategy was to change the target market, identify projects to improve the resort, design and organize the site to allow for expansion or intensification.

Our Client asked us to provide a site master plan to allow a conceptual layout for the site, corporate identity, ease of access and additional facilities.  We looked at historically placed buildings, the next phase of growth and future growth.  We outlined a logical phased growth plan and indicated the maximum potential of the site.

The Master Plan allowed the client to optimize land values and development potential by creating a quality product. Ceardean offered an adaptable phasing strategy that is adaptable and innovative.  We identified a comprehensive first phase and development for the entire Master Plan.

The Master Plan objective was to :

  1. give cohesion of Site Identity and Logo, to reunify rebranding the entire site
  2. Enhance the vitality of pedestrian activity and identify a clear hierarchy of pedestrian systems along the greenway site allowing safe access, ease of movement, and providing a choice of paths.
  3. Accommodate the demand for traffic, allow the streets to filter through the area to mitigate the pressure from surrounding traffic.  Allow for venue roadway redesign.
  4. Landscape – create the diversity of recreation venues, active and passive, land and water along the entire natural areas and manmade areas thus providing a sense of openness and contact with nature, using signature furniture/ installations to give identity and allow photo opportunities along the Greenway.
  5. Creating a sense of place through scale and quality of materials ensuring it is an attractive place to visit.  Providing a glamping site ensuring safety and privacy to patrons.  Integration and design of adventure centre and to attract further activities to the resort.



3 Leaves A Very Sweet Taste

3 Leaves – Ceardean Small Restaurant Client Goes From Strength To Strength




Another glowing review for the tiny Indian restaurant with a huge heart, 3 Leaves, located in the Blackrock Market, Co. Dublin. This guy goes from strength to strength with each review getting better and better. Excellent food + intimate atmosphere + good price = Perfect Dining Experience.

Ceardean Architects can work at their best when asked to design out small commercial spaces. Combining function, creativity and making a clear brand statement is the essence of Ceardean’s commercial work. The client’s objectives took precedence here and providing the best possible platform in a restricted space to offer up his acclaimed delicious Indian fare was our focus.




3 Leaves Restaurant Front


Indo Talk Containers!

Containers Appear Obvious, but there is more to this.

Read A Nice Piece here from Geraldine Gittens about the possibility of low-cost housing in the form of Steel Containers. There is no doubt housing crisis requires some very creative and bold thinking. But are Containers the right direction?

Our Own Michael Malone of Ceardean Architects brings a different angle to this national problem promoting the use of modular type housing. They are equally lower in cost but arrive in a much more ‘fit for use’  state and tend towards today’s higher standard of living comfort.

Link here!




Cafe in Rathmines

We are delighted to have received a decision to grant planning for the change of use of a retail unit to a cafe at 15 Rathmines Road Upper.

We look forward to developing the project with Kingston Lafferty Design.