Master Planning Avon Ri Hotel Co Wicklow

Master Planning – Avon Ri Hotel, Blessington, Co. Wicklow

Ceardean’s most important aspect of master planning was to provide a roadmap for future growth for Avon Ri Hotel and Complex.  Our Strategy was to change the target market, identify projects to improve the resort, design and organize the site to allow for expansion or intensification.

Our Client asked us to provide a site master plan to allow a conceptual layout for the site, corporate identity, ease of access and additional facilities.  We looked at historically placed buildings, the next phase of growth and future growth.  We outlined a logical phased growth plan and indicated the maximum potential of the site.

The Master Plan allowed the client to optimize land values and development potential by creating a quality product. Ceardean offered an adaptable phasing strategy that is adaptable and innovative.  We identified a comprehensive first phase and development for the entire Master Plan.

The Master Plan objective was to :

  1. give cohesion of Site Identity and Logo, to reunify rebranding the entire site
  2. Enhance the vitality of pedestrian activity and identify a clear hierarchy of pedestrian systems along the greenway site allowing safe access, ease of movement, and providing a choice of paths.
  3. Accommodate the demand for traffic, allow the streets to filter through the area to mitigate the pressure from surrounding traffic.  Allow for venue roadway redesign.
  4. Landscape – create the diversity of recreation venues, active and passive, land and water along the entire natural areas and manmade areas thus providing a sense of openness and contact with nature, using signature furniture/ installations to give identity and allow photo opportunities along the Greenway.
  5. Creating a sense of place through scale and quality of materials ensuring it is an attractive place to visit.  Providing a glamping site ensuring safety and privacy to patrons.  Integration and design of adventure centre and to attract further activities to the resort.



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