Boeing 767 arrives on Glamping Site in Enniscrone



No Objections!!! Getting Planning for a Boeing 767 in a Glamping Village
We are delighted to work with our client David Mc Gowan of Quirky Nights Glamping Village to attain planning permission without a single objections to install a Boeing 767 in Quirky Nights a Transport Orientated Glamping Site. A Boeing 767 plane is a big machine at a length and width of 160ft it certainly raised eyebrows when it was proposed as a centrepiece. So how do you get planning for an ambitious project like this?

  1. Talk to your Neighbours and get them on board. We had over 20! so we booked the local hotel and invited the neighbours to discuss their concerns openly. Understanding there needs and been able to address them in advance of the submission saved the neighbour and our time in objections.
  2. Extensively consult with the Planning, Heritage, Roads, and Drainage departments by way of pre planning meeting. Understanding how they will interpret information and addressing their concerns will ensure they are not coming in cold to assess the application.
  3. Ensure not to rush the application process and address concerns to avoid a further information request or refusal for lack of relevant information.
  4. Be open and transparent. Issue your neighbours with a copy of the documentation to save them the hassle of looking it up on line or printing it all out themselves.
  5. Follow up with neighbours before the observation/objection process ends. Objections can be left to the last minute and often be a knee jerk reaction if they cannot understand the drawings.
    Follow these simple steps and planning won’t be so hard to attain.


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